Tonight I graduated from NSU-BA as a Master of Education with an emphasis in Reading.  Upon the completion of one more independent study class this summer and the passing of the certification test (to be taken in July), I will be officially certified as a Reading Specialist.  So…if you know of any student who needs a little extra help with reading, send them my way!  I absolutely LOVED the Reading program at NSU-BA.  I would recommend it to ANY teacher.  I learned SO many strategies that were easy to apply immediately in my classroom.  The professors in this program are WONDERFUL and so SUPPORTIVE.    The graduation ceremony was terribly BORING and LONG but my family and Nick’s family were very gracious and stayed for the whole thing.

Reuben Mac was there to support his Mommy!


Rachel made a HUGE sign to show her support.


Daddy and Reuben watching for Mommy.


Shannon holding up the sign and cheering as I’m walking in.


Humbly receiving the honor of being hooded.


Amy Agimudie, M.Ed. 🙂



One Comment on “Graduation”

  1. Karen Luper says:

    I am SO proud of you Amy! Will and I have started talking about me going back to school…when the kids start school.

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