Baby Showers

We have been so blessed by our friends, families, and coworkers with gifts, meals, and LOTS of encouragement and support.  Throughout my pregnancy, birth, and first few months of Reuben’s life, we have had need for nothing.  Thank you, Lord, for lining our lives with these AMAZING people that share in the joy of Reuben Mac’s life!

Some of my wonderful friends from Destiny hosted a baby shower for Reuben.  It was originally scheduled for March 14th; however, Reuben Mac decided to come early on March 13th so the ladies went into action and rescheduled the shower for April 4th.  It was really fun to be able to bring Reuben with me to the shower because it was his first chance to meet some of our dear friends from church.  He slept the entire time but looked cute as ever 🙂  Here are some pictures from the special day:

Adorable sign made by Joleen


More decorations made by Joleen


The beautiful table


Some of the guests


Reuben passed out on Auntie Rachel


Troyer Keane dancing away


Diego sportin some tight shades


Kanyon checkin out the crazy boys


The beautiful hostesses with Reuben and me–Joleen, Heather, Karen, Jessica, Vivi, and Liz was there in spirit 🙂


Nick’s office at Deloitte also hosted a shower for us.  The shower happened to be while I was on bed rest but I got permission from my doctor to attend.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house and meet some of Nick’s coworkers.

The delicious cookie cake


Nick and me (I forgot that I was that big!)



One Comment on “Baby Showers”

  1. You looked beautiful! I LOVE the table cloth and decorations at the party!!!

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