2 Months Old

Reuben Mac is 2 months old today.  I can’t believe it!  Time is going by so quickly and I find myself holding on to Reuben tighter, watching him closer, and listening to him more intently in an effort to savor every moment.  Reuben is smiling, talking more, sleeping for 6-7 hours a night, and generally a very happy little boy.  My days are full of joy and my heart is full of love for my precious son.  Here are a few pictures to show you what Reuben’s been up to lately:



Taking a few naps in his crib but still likes to spend his nights in the swing.  


Loving bath time.


Playing on the boppy while Mommy does homework.


Getting really mad while having his diaper changed before eating.


Charming anyone and everyone in sight.


Chilling in his swing and watching the mobile.


Stretching out on G-ma Cammie’s changing table.

Visiting Auntie Rachel and Uncle Chad’s house.   Cabos is an extremely jealous dog.


Rocking with G-ma Cammie.

Talking to G-pa Mac.


Cheering on Auntie Shan at her OSU graduation.  (Check out Reuben’s tie, custom made by Aunt Karen!)


Meeting Great Grandma Johnson for the first time.


Getting loved on by G-ma and G-pa Agimudie.


3 Comments on “2 Months Old”

  1. Reubs! You’re so cute. Let’s hang out some time soon!

  2. He is a doll!!! Enjoy these moments they go by so fast!!!

  3. Frazier says:

    I, All!
    Love the pictures and we all miss you. I hope you return but I am not optimistic as your family is more important than your job! Give the ‘boys’ a hug for me.

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