Memories Captured on a Camera Phone

I must say that the ability to take photos on a camera is SO convenient especially for a new mom trying to capture cute little moments that happen sporadically throughout the day and night.  Although they aren’t the best quality, they still get the job done.  Here are some favorites that I’ve taken so far…

 Our first family photo…not necessarily attractive but our first, so it’s special 🙂photo_031709_006

Daddy lovin on his son.photo_031709_008

Reuben enjoying one of his first bottles.photo_031709_010

Daddy putting on a puppet show for Reuben…while he’s asleep.photo_032009_001

Reuben’s first check up at the doctor.photo_032709_001

Reuben’s first lunch date with Mommy and Daddy at The Broken Egg.photo_032709_002

Catchin some zzzzzz with Daddy.photo_032809_002

Hanging out in his papazan while Mommy does homework.photo_032809_005

Wide awake at 2:30 a.m.photo_033109_002

Wild hair.photo_041409_001


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