Baby Update #8

After our last appointment, Nick and I started to prepare ourselves to have our baby boy today.  All weekend was spent packing, preparing, and cleaning in preparation for our potential big day today.  Well, today was exciting, but not in the way we were preparing for.  When our doctor did the ultrasound, he saw a VERY healthy and happy little boy who is quite content to stay put for a couple more weeks.  My fluid levels are still within the normal range and I haven’t dilated past 3 cm.  So…my doctor has taken me off of strict bed rest and encouraged me to just take it easy and wait for our lil guy to come on his own!

Nick and I breathed a collective sigh of relief and started to make phone calls to family and friends who were all waiting with great anticipation.  We are all hoping that Reuben holds out for at least 2 more weeks so my sisters and our doctor can return from being out of town for various reasons.

I headed straight to the mall just because I was so excited to be able to walk around!  I bought Reuben Mac his first little pair of Gap jeans to reward him for being obedient 🙂 


Nick and I decided it would be fun to go to my school and surprise my class.  All of my students said that I have gotten REALLY BIG!  Aren’t they sweet?

Thank you, everyone, SO much for all your prayers, support, and encouragement during this time!  We will definitely keep you posted!  For now, I’m going to go take a nap!


2 Comments on “Baby Update #8”

  1. nicci says:

    yayy! so glad to hear everything is okay. daniel and i were thinking of you guys today and praying for God’s grace and peace to be in your lives. so excited to hear the news of reuben mac arriving! 🙂 love and miss you guys.

  2. Vicky Foster says:

    Amy, so wonderful to hear it….I’m holding out for the magical date of MARCH the 16th!!!!!

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