Baby Update #7

Nick and I went in for our routine appointment yesterday.  We were very anxious to hear an update on our baby boy.  At this point, everything looks healthy!  I am now dilated to 3 cm, still 80% effaced, and my fluid is “on the low end of normal.”  Our doctor is keeping me on bed rest and having us come back on Monday morning.  If everything is still progressing at this rate, he indicated that he will send us on to the hospital to go ahead and have Reuben Mac.  That’s right, we might have a baby on Monday!  SO…we will spend the next couple days packing our bags, buying a few last minute things, putting the car seat in the car, and enjoying our last few days as just Nick and Amy.  We have been SO blessed by all the prayers and support of our friends and family during this time!  We have had visitors and deliveries of meals, Sonic drinks, library books, Cadbury eggs, basically anything we could have EVER needed (or wanted).  Thank you does not feel sufficient to express our gratitude for this love and support.  Our friends and families are AMAZING!

On Tuesday of last week, my parents graciously accompanied me to a baby shower at my school.  This was my first full day of bed rest but the shower was a wonderful excuse to get out of the house for a little bit.  The faculty and staff at Wright showered us with gifts, love, and support.  It was wonderful to see all of my coworkers one last time before my extended time off.

The CUTE cake


Lots of help from my mom and my boss, Martie McCain


One of our Pre-K deaf students wanted to help too!


I’m having a quilt made for Reuben’s nursery.  There is just something about a homemade quilt made especially for our son…it will definitely be a lifelong treasure!  There is a sweet lady at a local fabric store that is making it for me.  She came by on Friday to show me what she had done so far.  I’m SO excited!


One last thing…Nick and I made a commitment before we got married to aggressively pay off any and all debt as quickly as possible.  This started a quest of paying off student loans, credit cards, and our car.  As of Saturday, we mailed our final check to pay off our car.  This was our last little bit of debt and we are SO thankful that we have taken care of this before Reuben arrives!  Thank you, Jesus, for financial blessing and wisdom!




3 Comments on “Baby Update #7”

  1. Stacy says:

    God is so amazing. None of this has been a surprise to Him! Enjoy this season of your life. This is just the beginning of an amazing adventure for you, Nick and Reuben!

  2. Shannon says:

    The quilt looks beautiful! That’s so exciting! Good job on the last payment…thanks Dave Ramsey!

  3. cindy b. says:

    We’ll be praying for a quick and easy delivery!
    Love the quilt!!
    Congrats on paying off your debt! That’s awesome!!
    Cindy B.

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