25 Random Things About Me

I did this on Facebook and actually had a great time! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the random things about my friends too!  C’mon everybody…join in the fun!

1.  I am horrified by the sound and texture of cotton balls. 
2.  I am bilingual–English and American Sign Language.  If understanding a Trinidadian accent is considered knowing a language, I am trilingual.
3.  I went to Broken Arrow Public Schools for my entire educational career–Westwood Elementary, Haskell Middle School, North Intermediate, and the high school. 
4.  I love Taco Bueno.  I know it’s full of salt and lard but I just can’t get enough of it.  My love for Bueno provides me with a constant opportunity to practice self control.
5.  I am exactly like my Dad.  I love people, I’m stubborn, I’m passionate, I’m obsessive compulsive, and I have dry heels.  That pretty much covers the 2 of us in a nut shell.
6.  I love reality TV…Bachelor, Survivor, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, etc.  Watching these shows brings joy to my soul.
7.  Throughout my career as a Deaf Educator, I have managed to really tick some people off.  I am very passionate about my educational philosophy and it has definitely rubbed some people the wrong way.
8.  Dry skin is terrible.  I apply lotion to my entire body EVERY DAY of the year.  When I see people with dry/ashy skin, it really stresses me out.  Of course I would marry a brown man…
9.  I have an AMAZING family.  My parents, my sisters, and I are VERY close.  We have SO much fun when we are together.
10.  I have an AMAZING husband.  Nick and I spend our lives laughing and enjoying life to the fullest.  I love living every day of my life with him by my side.
11.  I do not have many natural talents.  Any talent that I possess is something that I have worked really hard at.  I do have one hidden talent.  I have the ability to close off the walls of my pharynx and alter my voice to sound like someone who has been smoking for 40+ years.  I’ve named that person “Mary.”
12.  There is nothing better than a large Diet Coke with vanilla from Sonic. 
13.  Filling out a planner is very exciting to me.  One of the best days of the year is when my old planner is finished and I get to buy a new one.
14.  I had a 10 page itinerary for my wedding.  Everyone who was involved was provided with a copy of the itinerary with their particular part highlighted.  This was not my original idea.  I stole it from my friend, Allison.  Our OCD tendencies connect us together on a very deep level.
15.  I am really passionate about friendships.  I love to make my friends feel loved, taken care of, special, surprised, and comfortable.  A broken or lost friendship is devastating to me. 
16.  I love having a clean house but I do not enjoy cleaning.  I constantly invite people over so that I have a reason to force myself to clean.  P.S.  It is a common understanding among friends that when invited to my house to hang out, it is against the rules to dress cute.  Nick and I enjoy being comfy at our house and we require that of others.
17.  I love to read…especially Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers novels.  In fact, I have pursued this passion and will graduate this May with a Masters in Reading.
18.  I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant with a baby boy.  Funny side note:  One of my 5th grade Deaf students puts his ear close to my belly on a daily basis and tells me he can hear the baby crying.
19.  I spent most of my freshman year of high school studying Auschwitz, a death camp of the Holocaust.  A friend and I created a 10 minute video documentary for a national history competition and actually got to compete at the national level in Washington D.C.  I will never forget the tragedy of the Holocaust. 
20.  I enjoy talking on the phone.  This is particularly thrilling for my friends Karen Luper, Karen Serna, and Joleen Cervantez.
21.  I have traveled internationally to Mexico, Vietnam, Trinidad, and Australia.
22.  I used to be a major tom boy.  My clothing of choice was baggy flannel shirts, jeans, and Timberland boots.  The fact that I wear jewelry and makeup today is a great relief to my mother.
23.  In 10th grade, I got the typing award for my high school (98 wpm).  While I should have been proud, I sat there humiliated as my closest friends swept up all of the academic awards.
24.  I have experienced some very unusual ailments in my lifetime.  I got a staph infection through a cut in my foot while at a retreat at Falls Creek.  I didn’t tell anyone for 2 weeks because I was convinced I was dying from flesh eating disease.  I had an ulcer on my eye.  I cracked my tailbone 2 times in 2 different places within 2 weeks.  I was scratched by a child and within days it turned into ring worm.
25.  I am highly insecure but I’m insecure about people finding out about my insecurity so I mask it with a loud and confident personality.


4 Comments on “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. Anastasia Lynne says:

    This cracks me up! So much fun!!!

  2. Jodi says:

    Girl, I related to sooo many of these…minus the sisters one, cause I just have one stinky brother and the “mary” one…YIKES!! This makes me miss you!!

    Love to you!

  3. Lara Crafton says:

    I know I don’t know you very well BUT I have to say how much comfort this posting gave me because I too am horrified by the sound and texture of cotton balls! I thought I was the only one in the universe with this phobia! Thank God I can now tell my husband to back off I am NOT A FREAK!

    …and thank you for acknowledging that they do in fact make a sound! *shudder* Gross!

  4. Oh Amy…this made me miss you! I bet the movie Elf horrified you when he swallowed the cotton balls huh? I’m glad you did this I had fun reading it and doing one too!

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