Thanksgiving Traditions

macs072I am blessed to be a part of the McNamara family.  Especially over the holidays I am reminded about how fortunate I am to be a member of a family that is founded on faith, love, laughter, tradition, and friends.  When it comes to holidays or special events, my family knows how to celebrate.  Over the years, we have developed very specific traditions for each event.  Today, as Thanksgiving came to a close and with Christmas right around the corner, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family and our traditional ways.  I never want to take these things for granted because we never know when they might have to change.  I can’t wait to bring my son into this world to be welcomed by both my family and Nick’s family which both have a firm belief in and appreciation for family time.

Our traditions for Thanksgiving are:


We all gather at mom and dad’s house for dinner, games, and a family viewing of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”  We’ve all seen this movie so many times that most of us can quote it the entire way through; however, it never seems to get old.



My sisters, mom, and I start preparations for Thanskgiving lunch.  We always have the same things on our menu…

  • Turkey
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Rolls
  • Stuffing
  • Pickle/Olive Tray
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Orange Jello



This is the day that we decorate mom and dad’s house.  Dad brings down all the decorations from the attic.  My sisters and I work on decorating the tree with ornaments that have accumulated over the last 30 years.  Mom works on beautiful Christmas arrangements around the house.  Meanwhile, a fresh batch of Chex Mix has just finished baking in the oven and we’re slurping on our Sonic drinks.  The most anticipated event is the unveiling of one of mom’s special nativity scenes which features her beloved ‘black ass.’  We all scream and cheer when mom finds her ‘black ass.’  I know, highly inappropriate for a sweet lil Southern Baptist family, but we find great joy in our one opportunity to cuss in our house and not get in trouble 🙂  While we decorate, we watch a series of 3-4 movies.  We choose from:

  • While You Were Sleeping
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Family Stone
  • The Holiday


I know that as our family changes some of our traditions will change too.  This realization has caused me to savor each moment and never take for granted these precious times with my family.


6 Comments on “Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. Mark Collier says:

    Angie and I are going to run right out and buy a new nativity scene!

  2. Mama Mac says:

    I’m a little teary eyed. Thank you, Amy.

  3. How fun! I love this post. Yeah tradition!

  4. Lauren says:

    I love family traditions!

  5. Jen Giles says:

    I need to learn from you guys! I love that you said that nativity scene offers your “one chance” to cuss without getting in trouble. Seems to me that over the years, you guys have found several creative ways to work some inappropriate words into your conversations – I think that’s a glorious tradition in itself 🙂 Love you guys!

  6. Beth says:

    That is hysterical!!! 🙂 I love that you all look forward to bringing out the “black ass” and then laugh at the cuss word….that is SO something I would do!!!! hahahaha! I was cracking up!!! I love your family. Traditions are so fun….and I am sure you will love having your own as your little family grows!

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