Oh, Deanna…

Up until last night, this was officially the BEST season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette ever…until…Deanna got it all wrong 😦  She had the PERFECT match waiting for her…perfect look, perfect personality, perfect kid, perfect job…aka Jason…but she turned CRAZY and didn’t pick him.  Instead, she decided to pick the goofy looking snowboarder with no job and no plan…aka Jesse…all for love.  Deanna Marie, I was so proud of you up until last night.  Now, I just don’t know how I feel.  You say you’re in love with Jesse but I don’t know if I can believe you.  Good luck with all of your wedding planning but resist the temptation to ask me to be a bridesmaid.  It would be wrong for me to be a part of a wedding that I don’t support.  I know it’s painful but you have to hear the truth.


2 Comments on “Oh, Deanna…”

  1. Jodi says:

    I totally agree! Our friend De-AW-nna has jumped off a cliff on this one and completely gone crazy. Did it seem like she blinked a lot to you?!

  2. amymacagi says:

    Oh yes! She blinked ALL THE TIME…I figured she was trying to clear her vision to see if Jesse might actually be a little cuter than she was seeing…NOPE…sorry…

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