So You Think You Can Dance

This is my FAVORITE show of the summer!!!  If you’ve never watched SYTYCD, I will give you a brief overview.  The first few weeks is very similar to American Idol.  The judges go to several major cities across the US and hold auditions.  The dancers have about 1 min to dance a solo.  The judges then give feedback and either send them home, ask them to stay and do some choreography, or send them straight through to Vegas.  Once at Vegas, the dancers experience a very intense couple of days of group dances, a variety of different choreographers, solos, etc.  At the end of Vegas week, the judges pick their top 10 girls and top 10 boys to be on the show.

Once the show starts, the judge place the top 20 into partnerships.  Each partnership draws a style of dance out of hat and then has 5 1/2 hours to learn that dance with a master choreographer.  On Wednesday night, the partners each perform their dance and then are critiqued by the judges.  America calls in to vote for their favorite couples.  On Thursday night, the bottom 3 couples are revealed.  Each of the 6 dancers in the bottom have a chance to “dance for their lives” for 30 seconds in their own style of dance.  The judges then decided which boy and which girl will be sent home.  Are you hooked yet?

So, here are my reviews so far:

The top 3 dances of the season:

1.  Mark and Chelsea, “Bleeding Love,” choreographed by Tabitha and Napolean

2.  Joshua and Katee, “No Air,” choreographed by Tabitha and Napolean

3.  Twitch and Kherington, “Dreaming with a Broken Heart,” choreographed by Mia Michaels

BONUS:  Joshua and Katee, “Baila, Baila,” choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

My Top 3 Couples (I know this will be a shocker):

1.  Twitch and Kherington                                

2.  Joshua and Katee  

3.  Mark and Chelsie   

So…everyone do me a favor and WATCH THIS SHOW!  You WILL NOT regret it!!!


3 Comments on “So You Think You Can Dance”

  1. Karen says:

    you forgot to tell us when it airs and what channel…duh amy

  2. amymacagi says:


    Wednesday nights on Fox from 7-9.
    Thursday nights on Fox from 8-9.

  3. Jodi says:

    I haven’t EVER watched this!! I just got DVR (I know, I know, welcome to 2008..) so I will record it this week. What are you doing with your summer now that you are out of school?

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