…Why do I look like THIS when I get out of the shower?  You would think I used a hand mixer to shampoo my hair!


8 Comments on “Question…”

  1. iman says:

    i’m glad i gots no hair to mess wiff…except when i have to shave it…darn.

  2. Oh my…that is nice..very nice! Well, since my hair has been short I feel like I look like a boy when I get out of the shower if it makes you feel any better

  3. Jessica G says:

    Really?! How does that happen?! : )

  4. Sharon says:

    Now THAT’S a “look” …… lots of, um, volume on top, huh?! Welcome to the blogging world — love your writing style!! I’ve added you to my faves and will keep up with your latest happenings. I’m sure you’re all BUSY getting ready for Rachel’s wedding. We’d LOVE to be there, but just can’t. Hope it goes GREAT — give her my love. Hugs from Wichita, Sharon

  5. Yes they are THAT good! Its like the greatest romance story ever…seriously. You will fall in love with the vampire boy…so dreamy! lol

  6. nicci says:


  7. Tony Chavez says:

    Yes!! That’s awesome! That just made my day better!

  8. Karen says:

    that’s hilarious

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