Please Turn Your Mouth To Off Or Silent

Tonight was a really FUN girls night including dinner and a movie with 3 of my great friends…Heather, Joleen, and Liz.  The best part of girls night is being able to talk about anything we want as long as we want to…no husbands or fiances around to roll their eyes at our silly little tales.  I must say, however, this group of girls knows when it is appropriate to be quiet.  As we filed into the movie theater and waited for movie to begin, we continued our conversations and laughter BUT as soon as the lights dimmed, all 4 of us shut our mouths, faced forward, and prepared ourselves to be entertained. 

Apparently a lady behind us didn’t get the memo about movie etiquette.  Throughout the entire movie she took it upon herself to inform the entire audience of what she believed to be the punch line, keyword, or final piece to the puzzle, that would momentarily be revealed in the movie, by announcing her thoughts as loud as she wanted to whenever she felt inspired.  I honestly feel bad for this woman because not one of her girlfriends has loved her enough to fill her in on movie etiquette…feel free to share your laughter or tears but PLEASE keep your comments to yourself or share them in a quiet whisper to the person on your right or left.  So there, lady in the row behind me, now you’ve been lovingly informed.  Out of courtesy for everyone, as the lights dim in a theater, please turn your mouth to off or silent.


4 Comments on “Please Turn Your Mouth To Off Or Silent”

  1. Yay for you getting a blog! I am obsessed with reading other ppls blogs so I will add yours to my list!

  2. Lisa Roth says:

    AMY!!! I’m so excited that I can now log on to your blog and read all your amazing thoughts. I have always loved hearing about your amazing thoughts, so I’m sure reading them will be way cool as well. Love ya sista–hope you’re having a good week!

  3. Karen says:

    You should have informed her during the movie. I would have. Only because I know you have my back tho. I’m convinced that united we could take anyone down.

  4. codadiva says:

    So funny. My girlfriend and I went to SITC and she had some cosmos before going… I had to shush her during the whole thing!! I really felt bad for others around us!

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