Thanks, Iman!

Well, guys, it’s official…I have a blog!  There seems to be a trend in my technological life.  Iman BEGS me to start something, I resist, he sets it up for me, I hesitantly follow through, and eventually become obsessed.  This trend started with myspace, continued with twitter, and has lead me here…  I’m quite nervous but I’m willingly accepting the challenge of becoming a master blogger.  Thanks, Iman!

P.S.  Iman, could we have a class on posting pictures?  I have an AMAZING picture to post of you but it keeps freezing in the process…  Thanks…you’re the best 🙂



One Comment on “Thanks, Iman!”

  1. codadiva says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere… should I tell you about all cool plugins? Soon you’ll be free of the wordpress template on to your own domain blog! Have fun!

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